Moving freely across mediums, disciplines and generations, Zibaldone is a collective portrait of the debate on architecture and the city of the past decade. Half text, half images, diary and anthology, atlas and scrapbook, postcard collection and visual essay, Zibaldone invites the readers to build their paths, drawing constellations from a network of points. As such, the book opens a reflection on the curatorial practice as a means to construct common knowledge about architecture, enlarging horizons and multiplying agencies.

Zibaldone records CAMPO’s activity as a dynamic platform gathering a multitude of experiments, enquiries and research methods by more than 100 contributors.


Gianfranco Bombaci, Matteo Costanzo, Luca Galofaro, Davide Sacconi
+ many more

Editor/Design: Valerio Di Lucente

Associate editor: Elisa Testori

Softcover on embossed paper
210 x 290 mm

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