The Supreme Achievement

 – The Workshop –


The contributions have been exhibited at CAMPO together with the results of a workshop in which a group of students elaborated on the 12 contributions to build twelve 1:33 plaster models.

“The Supreme Achievement”, is an exhibition, a workshop and a book born out of the collaboration between CAMPO and the London publisher Black Square.

Following the format of “The Twelve Ideal Cities” project by Superstudio 12 architecture offices (Alex Maymind, Amid.Cero9, Aristide Antonas, Behemoth, Dogma, Didier Fiuza Faustino, FORA + Beth Hughes, Map Office, Microcities, Miniatura, Philippe Morel, Raumlabor) have been called to put forward their position on the city through a text and an image.


The workshop
Fifteen students of eight nationalities from coming from different schools of architecture in Europe have been selected to participate to the free one-week workshop host by CAMPO. The activities started with a conference day on the work of Superstudio within the context of the Italian Radical Design of the period and the production of images, with the contribution of Gabriele Mastrigli, Luca Galofaro, Matteo Costanzo and Gianfranco Bombaci.



Following this introduction the curators guided a visit to the center of Rome, read through the lens of the Superstudio project as a stratification of “Ideal Cities”, where the relationship between power and project still deeply marks the urban structure.

The dialectic relationship between the image, the text and the model defined a completely new project with unexpected and original results.

In the next days the students, starting from the contributions of the 12 invited architects, designed and produced 12 plaster models at 1:33 scale that constitute an elaboration of the original vision at the scale of the self.


The result of the workshops have been presented to a panel of guest critics featuring Fabrizio Ballabio (Architectural Association), Emilia Giorgi (Art Tribune), Francesco Marullo (Behemot) and Ciro Miguel (Miniatura).

The workshop was concluded with a master class hold by the photographer Antonio Ottomanelli with whom the students produced pictures of the plaster model to be gathered in the upcoming publication.



  • Friday, September 4 – arrival in Rome
  • Saturday 5 – guest lectures
    Superstudio, Radical Italian Design and the power of images
    lectures by Gianfranco Bombaci and Matteo Costanzo (2A+P/A), Luca Galofaro, Gabriele Mastrigli
  • Sunday 6 – fieldtrip
    Architectures as City paradigms
    a walk through Rome with Maria S. Giudici and Davide Sacconi
  • Monday 7, Tuesday 8 – design
    From the space for the self in the Ideal City
    Design elaboration and reviews.
  • Wednesday 9 , Thursday 10 – model making
    From the space for the self in the Ideal City
    Building a 1:33 plaster model
  • Friday 11 – photography
    Model photography
    masterclass with Antonio Ottomanelli
  • Saturday 12 – presentation
    Final presentation
    with Fabrizio Ballabio (Architectural Association), Emilia Giorgi (Art Tribune), Francesco Marullo (Behemot) and Ciro Miguel (Miniatura)



THE SUPREME ACHIEVEMENT workshop and exhibition

Maria S. Giudici and Davide Sacconi

Assistant curator
Olivia Marra

in collaboration with Black Square Press

Workshop students: Lukas Akinkugbe, Roberto Boettger, Hunter Doyle, Gerta Heqimi, Marta Kruger, Antonio Laruffa, Stefano Madezzi, Claudia Mainardi, Davide Matteazzi, Moad Musbahi, Angelica Palumbo, Sofia Pia Belenky, Lera Samovich, Adriano Tasso and Marco Uliana.