Architecture is everything



CAMPO and Black Square contributed to a week long workshop in Rome and curated the following exhibition, all to be featured in their upcoming publication.

Workshop in Rome, September 7-14, 2018
Exhibition in Rome, September 14 – October 2, 2018

The architecture of our time is emerging, and is both redefining itself as a medium and expanding its field. Many field beyond traditional building are taking over architecture, just as architecture and architects are moving into fields that were once remote. Everyone is an architect. Everything is Architecture.

– Hans Hollein

In 1968, with just a thousand words and over 90 images Hans Hollein demolishes the boundaries of architecture with its famous manifesto Everything is Architecture. Borrowing the language of photography, journalism and advertisement and using artworks, objects and images of celebrities, Hollein collages anything from industrial design to astrophysics. 50 years after Hollein’s iconoclastic prophecy is fully realised. Architecture is completely dissolved into the dematerializing overflow of information. Yet, seen from the fast and precarious contemporary condition the collages of the Viennese master open another horizon of liberation: what matters are not the objects but the space in between them, not the speed but the time between bits of information, not the data but the frame that gives meaning to experience and knowledge. What is left to design is the landscape which turns the commodities into totems of a spiritual, magic, erotic, collaborative, individual, ordinary, abstract and dirty life. Architecture is Everything.

CAMPO and Black Square joined forces with Modelab and invited a group of contributors to select an object and describe, through a photograph and a text, the world, real or imaginary, that has produced it. The participants to the workshop departed from these objects, their images and their stories, to develop a narrative and to construct a physical model of the landscape that frames and gives them meaning. For a week we gathered in Rome, imagined the material translation of imaginary worlds, learned model-making techniques and explored the city with its stratified and contradictory landscapes. Texts, models, and images, as well as the documentation of the fieldwork and of the model-making processes, will are featured in an exhibition in Rome from September 2018 and further collected in a publication.

Architecture is everything is the fourth instalment of a project started in 2015. The first book of the series, The Supreme Achievement, is already out and distributed worldwide by Koenig Books; the second and third publication, based on the 2016 and 2017  workshops and exhibitions Nothing Left to Design  and Everything Out The Door will be presented at the opening of the workshop this fall.