­­­CAMPO is a space to debate, study and celebrate architecture.

In an attempt to escape the tyranny of display – the addiction to continuous refresh and constant update that is consuming architecture – CAMPO will explore the consequences of a return to the physical presence of the architectural project in its fundamental means of production.

We invite you to enter a room that leans against a Roman aqueduct, to face drawings, texts, images and models. They are instruments for production and at the same time products of a common form of knowledge – architecture.

Like an antenna emerging from the ancient ruins of the periphery, CAMPO will attempt to intercept and amplify feeble and distant signals of architectural visions; exposing ideas, experiments and research that challenge the current understanding of the city and its processes of transformation.

We think of the initiatives of CAMPO as liturgies of knowledge through which we can patiently construct a common archive of works, a fortress against the evanescence of memory and the instability of meaning. Every project is a gesture that establishes a temporary gravitational centre and boundary, a ritual act to frame a time for understanding, a space for discussion and a ground for celebration of architecture.

CAMPO is in Rome as a project by Gianfranco Bombaci, Matteo Costanzo, Luca Galofaro and Davide Sacconi.